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Web Manager

  • Draws up a project plan
  • Controls Development Process
  • Keeps in touch with a client
  • Maintains relations with a client and developers

Web Content Writer

  • Researches industry-related topics (online sources, articles, and studies)
  • Generates ideas for new content types and develops original draft content
  • Optimizes content with relevant keywords using SEO tools

Web Designer

  • Plans and builds the elements of a website (page structure, navigation, images layout, colors, fonts, graphics, animations, and videos)
  • Provides visitors with a great and simple experience
  • Collaborates with the content team and developers to ensure proper integration

Web Developer

  • (Client-Side Development) Develops the front end of a website and implements the design
    • using a content management system (WordPress)
    • using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS …
  • (Server-Side Development) Develops and manages the website database

QA Engineer

  • Plots, creates and performs test scenarios to make sure that:
    • requirements are met during website development
    • developers are following best practices
    • defects are avoided during the website development process.