Social Media Manager

  • Plans campaigns, establishes goals and modifies strategy as necessary.
  • Develops the online reputation of the business and increases brand and product awareness.
  • Ensures that the team performs and operates effectively.
  • Chooses which social media platforms to utilize, how often to post and share on each site, and the type of content that will be produced.

Content Creator

  • Remains on top of industry-related news.
  • Produces, distributes and sends the original content to the content creation team.
  • Keeps the content updated and aligns it with a content calendar.
  • Curates valuable third-party content and shares it on all social media platforms.
  • Collaborates with the designer, advertiser, and community manager in order to achieve consistent brand presence.

Community Manager

  • Keeps track of social media mentions and participates in discussions wherever the brand is mentioned.
  • Manages external brand fans and advocates, and fosters a bond between clients and the brand.
  • Chooses the content that will promote the brand and work on increasing brand visibility.

Paid Media Advertiser

  • Identifies the target audience for every ad campaign.
  • Works together with the content creator to choose which content to promote with paid advertising for the target audience.
  • Manages the social advertising budget for campaigns and monitors advertising progress for the overall business objectives.
  • Manages A/B testing with various ad components to optimize your strategy.

Data Analyst

  • Researches industry trends and resources.
  • Ensures the brand reaches its objective.
  • Specifies the target audience and delivers reports as required.